Mongodb can’t accept a unicode configuration

I followed the official Mongodb configuration guide as described here,

  1. Optional. Create a specific directory for MongoDB log files:

    md C:\mongodb\log
  2. Optional. Create a configuration file for the logpath option for MongoDB in the Command Promptby issuing this command:

    echo logpath=C:\mongodb\log\mongo.log > C:\mongodb\mongod.cfg

However, the mongod kept failing from a Powershell environment.

error command line: unrecognized line in ‘ ■l’
use –help for help

When the Powershell created a mongod.cfg file by using echo command, it basically filled the content as unicode by default so that mongod.exe coudn’t read it. Here is another SO thread talking the same problem:

Solution: Save the .cfg file to use ANSI encoding, not UTF8 or UTF16.

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