Generating assembly output from msvc and CMake

Sometimes it's needed or you may require to see the assembly output listing of a C++ snippet code just for the testing purpose. Testing yourself with Jason Turner's session might be the example. If you're using a msvc with Windows environment, then it's quite easy by running the simple command line argument: Let's say we have … Continue reading Generating assembly output from msvc and CMake

Where’s my ‘llvm/tools/clang/example’ binaries?

Recently I got interests in clang & its library(Libtooling, more specifically) so that I decided to start digging in. However, the first frustration came from while building the clang examples. Download and build the clang source tree Building the clang executable was easy. The Clang website provides instructions and you’ll get the result by just … Continue reading Where’s my ‘llvm/tools/clang/example’ binaries?