[C++/Cx] How can I get the AsyncOperationWithProgress progress?

Windows Runtime provides the HttpClient class along with async APIs. For example, you can send a GET request through the GetAsync(Uri) method. GetAsync() method is an awaitable API so that it returns IAsyncOperationWithProgress<HttpResponseMessage, HttpProgress>^. You will get the HttpResponseMessage by specifying the IAsyncOperationWithProgress to Concurrency::create_task(). However, how can I get the progress? There's no direct … Continue reading [C++/Cx] How can I get the AsyncOperationWithProgress progress?

Generating assembly output from msvc and CMake

Sometimes it's needed or you may require to see the assembly output listing of a C++ snippet code just for the testing purpose. Testing yourself with Jason Turner's session might be the example. If you're using a msvc with Windows environment, then it's quite easy by running the simple command line argument: Let's say we have … Continue reading Generating assembly output from msvc and CMake

Where’s my ‘llvm/tools/clang/example’ binaries?

Recently I got interests in clang & its library(Libtooling, more specifically) so that I decided to start digging in. However, the first frustration came from while building the clang examples. Download and build the clang source tree Building the clang executable was easy. The Clang website provides instructions and you’ll get the result by just … Continue reading Where’s my ‘llvm/tools/clang/example’ binaries?

Demo app shows std::stable_partition and std::rotate works

https://channel9.msdn.com/Events/GoingNative/2013/Cpp-Seasoning From the beginning of Sean Parent's great C++ talk, he represented two std algorithms people may not be familiar of. It's 'std::stable_partition' and 'std::rotate'. I made a small demo application shows how the two algorithms works. It's Qt5 based application so that you can freely compile and run from Windows, mac or Linux. Grab … Continue reading Demo app shows std::stable_partition and std::rotate works

How to embed the PDFjs into your C# Project

TL;DR https://github.com/pvginkel/PdfiumViewer is recommended if you're okay with just viewing PDFs. If you need more complicated features, then convert the PDF into base64 and pass it to a javascript function which decodes and call the PDFViewerApplication.open which is implemented at viewer.js However, it's really, really slow. The example source is at https://github.com/heejune/WinForm-PDFjs If you needed … Continue reading How to embed the PDFjs into your C# Project

C# Conditional assembly reference

If you want to include assemblies conditionally upon its preprocessor from c# project, you can use Condition keyword. See the following snippet. xx.csproj <Reference Condition=" $(DefineConstants.Contains('XXX_LIB_OS')) " Include="DRVNAME1, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=xxxxx, processorArchitecture=AMD64"> ... </Reference> <Reference Condition=" $(DefineConstants.Contains('XXX_LIB_APP')) " Include="APPNAME1, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=xxxxxxx, processorArchitecture=AMD64"> ... </Reference> Then define the constant <PropertyGroup Condition="'$(Configuration)|$(Platform)' == 'Debug|x86'"> <DebugSymbols>true</DebugSymbols> <OutputPath> ... … Continue reading C# Conditional assembly reference